What are you feeding your family? How much of your family’s diet only needs to be heated before it’s put on the plate? 

Obesity is another side effect of feminism. A woman’s job is to nurture, cultivate, create life and encourage its blossom. Feminism took mothers out of the kitchen, and replaced a balanced diet with boxes, frozen blocks, and drive-thrus. The food pyramid was replaced by teams of researchers working to formulate the perfect flavor and texture combination to make customers want more and more. Kids raised in the 80s were often latchkey kids, who came home from school to mini-pizzas, snack cakes, and sodas. Those kids are now grown with kids of their own, and convenience foods have exploded. You know we’ve hit rock bottom when grocery stores stock frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We can’t even be bothered to make PB&J, ladies! Leave those foods to the liberals and minorities who blame us for all their problems, while enjoying the benefits our existence provides. Let them be unhealthy and miserable. They’d just as soon abort their kids than make PB&J anyway. We’re invested in raising the next generation. We want them to hit adulthood ready for anything life swings at them, and nutrition is at the core of that readiness. 

Driving through any city, you are surrounded by a sea of store signs. Categorize these signs when you see them. You’ll find that well over half of all ads and store signs you see are restaurants. What a shame! If the demand weren’t there, neither would be those restaurants, which serve enormous portions loaded with starches and void of real nutrition.

Get back in the kitchen. Make meal plans high in protein and vegetables, and easy on the starches. You don’t have to go gluten free, organic, become a fan of kale or quinoa, or follow any fad. Just roast a $4 boiler chicken and serve with a side of steamed carrots and spinach. Cheap junk food is almost entirely carbohydrates. Our bodies need nutrients from a variety of vegetables, and protein for strong muscles. Your kids won’t reach their full growth potential on Pop-Tarts and Hot Pockets. Stop wasting your money on those things. 

Now I am well aware that meat and vegetables are not cheap. I know all to well how much it costs to feed a family real food. This is why we turned a third of our backyard into a garden. Even if you live in an apartment, you can supplement your diet with fresh tomatoes, peppers, beans, or herbs. It is part of your job to keep your family in tip-top shape, no matter what it takes. I’ll talk more about growing your own food in future blogs, but right now, make a plan to improve your and your family’s eating habits. Decrease the sodas, increase water. Replace one take-out meal per week with a meat and vegetable based meal. Don’t announce to your family your plans to get healthy. It’s not their job and their support or protest doesn’t matter. You take charge and just do it. If they won’t eat vegetables, don’t make them, but don’t give them any other option. It won’t take long for them to get hungry enough to try it. 

Consider this when thinking of your family’s attitudes toward food. TLC has a show called My 600 Pound Life, where people who weigh between 500-800 lbs find a way to travel to Houston, Texas to see a specialist about weight loss surgery. I’m not a fan of TV, but I do watch this show while I work out (it’s a great motivator to not get lazy!). There are several common threads I’ve noticed that tie every morbidly obese story together. 1) There’s always a person who places the emotional state of the fatty above his or her health. Very often this is a mother, sibling, spouse, or child (teen or older). The fatties are often so fat, they can’t walk, or barely fit through the front door, or can’t walk far enough to make it through a grocery store. Even if they can fit in their car, they often can’t fit behind the steering wheel to take themselves anywhere. So how on earth are they as big as they are? A person who wants them happy, even at the expense of their health enables them. That enabler will get in the car and buy the cakes, cookies, chips, snack cakes, sodas, etc., and bring them to the fatty. They’ll bring them the three triple cheeseburgers with extra bacon and a gallon of Coke. They’ll cook the dozen fried eggs, two pounds of sausage, two cans of biscuits, and the gravy to smother it all in. Then they sit and watch as the fatty struggles to breathe while woofing down the massive amounts of calories, and then bring them the tub of medications they need to stay alive until their next meal. 2) They didn’t eat healthy growing up. Their parents didn’t notice them sneaking food to their rooms (easy to do if it’s pre-packaged). The parents often nagged them about their weight, but never actually made changes to the family’s diet.3) They’re spoiled rotten. Their enabler also has to bathe them, clean them up when they mess themselves, bring them their computer and TV remote, and do all of their cleaning for them. They have to if they don’t want this fat monster screaming at them about how fatty can’t do it, so the enabler must. They just throw a fit and people go running, because apparently hell hath no fury like a bed-ridden blob who hasn’t seen a cookie in three minutes. 4) Most of the time, the weight didn’t really start piling on until an injury or pregnancy put them in bed. And they never get up. What’s my point? Your family’s feelings are a load of horse feathers. Don’t consult them, don’t worry if little Joey will eat supper without half a bottle of sugary ketchup, or if lil Hannah will starve unless you serve macaroni and cheese, or if hubby will gripe about rabbit food. Don’t be their enabler. They’ll get used it. No excuses.