Ladies, we’ve really screwed ourselves. We’ve let people who want us gone tell us how to live. We’ve been told that true freedom doesn’t lie in our homes with our children, but on the clock in some corporation. That empowerment doesn’t come from producing and raising the next generation, but from preventing its birth by pills or abortion. We’ve been taught that being woman isn’t enough, that we must also be men and play both roles ourselves. We were duped into trading respect and chivalry from men for cheap dates and one-night stands. We bought into the idea that objectification is evil, unless it is under the careful control of the woman, and that modesty is oppression, unless it’s in the form of a Middle-Eastern head-covering that must be worn to avoid punishment. We’ve been brain-washed into believing that a husband is an idiot who can’t be trusted to make decisions for a family, and that allowing him to try makes you a victim of abuse.

 As women we were freer before we had to try to run the world. The feminist movement led to the sexual revolution, which led to promoting psychological deficiencies such as gay pride, transgenderism, non-binary pretend genders, and now incest and pedophilia are on the table. Freedom for everyone meant other people raising and indoctrinating our children, other people and cultures are protected and welcome without restraint. Freedom meant diversity, a code word for fewer white people. Freedom meant not thinking for yourself and not listening when your gut told you this was wrong. We were told our self-preservation instincts are “internalized misogyny” or “systemic racism”. 

The result of all this freedom: white families are excluding fathers, having too few children, or no children at all; young mothers no longer have a neighborhood network of housewives to help them transition to motherhood; white people are less involved in their communities; we have laws and social pressure to favor any one who doesn’t contribute to white culture; we’ve been told we have no culture and that we should hold every culture and religion above that of our ancestors; that our ancestors were misogynistic racists who should be erased from our proud history. And an unrestrained import of cultures with higher birthrates and stronger tribal mentality. Our freedom is causing our own extinction.

We need change. It is in our best interest and the best interest of our children and grandchildren to put the white family, traditions, and culture back on top of our priority list. We, as women, need to return to our rightful place as protected queens of our households, and go back to turning our men into the great, capable, confident men their forefathers were. Throughout history, men created change in the public eye, while women worked on the details behind the scenes in everyday life. This is our place to shine, and this is where our change begins.