​We exist, we just don’t have much of a specialized internet presence. There are several alpha male blogs, and YouTube channels dedicated to red-pilling the masses, but a red-pilled woman understands that her role is not the same as man’s. We aren’t interested in “game”, or bulking our muscles, and meme magic is fun, but we have a serious role to play. In a society filled with women majoring in women’s studies then demanding jobs in STEM, and blogs everywhere telling us to let the dishes wait, focus on climbing a corporate ladder, be fat, demanding, and entitled and then freak-out when we’re 40 and still haven’t found Mr. Right, then become single moms who read blogs on teaching your children empathy for everyone except the types of people who built the West, it can be quite frustrating trying to find a voice of reason or any form of trusted guidance. Ladies, we’ve become so insufferable that our men are either choosing to live without us, or seeking women from non-European stock! We’re taking everything our ancestors built and handing it over to people who not only don’t respect us, but don’t want us to even exist! This has to stop! You know this, and I know this, which is why we’re here. While our men are taking this on in a larger, big-picture scale, it’s up to us women to handle the details. Let’s get to work!