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Don’t Be A Family of Fatties

What are you feeding your family? How much of your family’s diet only needs to be heated before it’s put on the plate? 

Obesity is another side effect of feminism. A woman’s job is to nurture, cultivate, create life and encourage its blossom. Feminism took mothers out of the kitchen, and replaced a balanced diet with boxes, frozen blocks, and drive-thrus. The food pyramid was replaced by teams of researchers working to formulate the perfect flavor and texture combination to make customers want more and more. Kids raised in the 80s were often latchkey kids, who came home from school to mini-pizzas, snack cakes, and sodas. Those kids are now grown with kids of their own, and convenience foods have exploded. You know we’ve hit rock bottom when grocery stores stock frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. We can’t even be bothered to make PB&J, ladies! Leave those foods to the liberals and minorities who blame us for all their problems, while enjoying the benefits our existence provides. Let them be unhealthy and miserable. They’d just as soon abort their kids than make PB&J anyway. We’re invested in raising the next generation. We want them to hit adulthood ready for anything life swings at them, and nutrition is at the core of that readiness. 

Driving through any city, you are surrounded by a sea of store signs. Categorize these signs when you see them. You’ll find that well over half of all ads and store signs you see are restaurants. What a shame! If the demand weren’t there, neither would be those restaurants, which serve enormous portions loaded with starches and void of real nutrition.

Get back in the kitchen. Make meal plans high in protein and vegetables, and easy on the starches. You don’t have to go gluten free, organic, become a fan of kale or quinoa, or follow any fad. Just roast a $4 boiler chicken and serve with a side of steamed carrots and spinach. Cheap junk food is almost entirely carbohydrates. Our bodies need nutrients from a variety of vegetables, and protein for strong muscles. Your kids won’t reach their full growth potential on Pop-Tarts and Hot Pockets. Stop wasting your money on those things. 

Now I am well aware that meat and vegetables are not cheap. I know all to well how much it costs to feed a family real food. This is why we turned a third of our backyard into a garden. Even if you live in an apartment, you can supplement your diet with fresh tomatoes, peppers, beans, or herbs. It is part of your job to keep your family in tip-top shape, no matter what it takes. I’ll talk more about growing your own food in future blogs, but right now, make a plan to improve your and your family’s eating habits. Decrease the sodas, increase water. Replace one take-out meal per week with a meat and vegetable based meal. Don’t announce to your family your plans to get healthy. It’s not their job and their support or protest doesn’t matter. You take charge and just do it. If they won’t eat vegetables, don’t make them, but don’t give them any other option. It won’t take long for them to get hungry enough to try it. 

Consider this when thinking of your family’s attitudes toward food. TLC has a show called My 600 Pound Life, where people who weigh between 500-800 lbs find a way to travel to Houston, Texas to see a specialist about weight loss surgery. I’m not a fan of TV, but I do watch this show while I work out (it’s a great motivator to not get lazy!). There are several common threads I’ve noticed that tie every morbidly obese story together. 1) There’s always a person who places the emotional state of the fatty above his or her health. Very often this is a mother, sibling, spouse, or child (teen or older). The fatties are often so fat, they can’t walk, or barely fit through the front door, or can’t walk far enough to make it through a grocery store. Even if they can fit in their car, they often can’t fit behind the steering wheel to take themselves anywhere. So how on earth are they as big as they are? A person who wants them happy, even at the expense of their health enables them. That enabler will get in the car and buy the cakes, cookies, chips, snack cakes, sodas, etc., and bring them to the fatty. They’ll bring them the three triple cheeseburgers with extra bacon and a gallon of Coke. They’ll cook the dozen fried eggs, two pounds of sausage, two cans of biscuits, and the gravy to smother it all in. Then they sit and watch as the fatty struggles to breathe while woofing down the massive amounts of calories, and then bring them the tub of medications they need to stay alive until their next meal. 2) They didn’t eat healthy growing up. Their parents didn’t notice them sneaking food to their rooms (easy to do if it’s pre-packaged). The parents often nagged them about their weight, but never actually made changes to the family’s diet.3) They’re spoiled rotten. Their enabler also has to bathe them, clean them up when they mess themselves, bring them their computer and TV remote, and do all of their cleaning for them. They have to if they don’t want this fat monster screaming at them about how fatty can’t do it, so the enabler must. They just throw a fit and people go running, because apparently hell hath no fury like a bed-ridden blob who hasn’t seen a cookie in three minutes. 4) Most of the time, the weight didn’t really start piling on until an injury or pregnancy put them in bed. And they never get up. What’s my point? Your family’s feelings are a load of horse feathers. Don’t consult them, don’t worry if little Joey will eat supper without half a bottle of sugary ketchup, or if lil Hannah will starve unless you serve macaroni and cheese, or if hubby will gripe about rabbit food. Don’t be their enabler. They’ll get used it. No excuses.


A Society is Only As Good As Its Women

In order to reshape our world, we must first begin with ourselves. Become the woman you think should represent white women everywhere. Work on your posture, your smile, and your social skills. Take a critical look at yourself. If you were your husband, would you be proud to walk around with you on your arm? Do you need to lose some weight? Do you wear too much or too little makeup? Are your clothes unflattering or unfeminine? Make a note of improvements you’d like to make, and list small manageable, steps you can do to head in the right direction. 

Our improvement doesn’t only rely on our appearance, though. Everything you do influences the rest of our race. Don’t believe me? Think of a woman in a run-down trailer house. What do you think of? Maybe a single mom, on drugs, with unwashed kids? What standards would a man who married her have? Would he care if he looked presentable? Would he keep his tools and car parts from sprawling across the yard? What kind of expectations would parents like that have of their kids? Now, contrast this image with the one of a middle class housewife. Clean, personable, sociable? What is her marital situation? What does her husband look like? Their yard? Their kids? You may think it begins with the pocketbook, the house, or the neighborhood, but it truly begins with you.

With this in mind, consider other aspects of your life. How is your health? The nutrition you provide for your family? How healthy are your children and husband? Don’t start nagging them if they eat junk foods and lay on the couch all day. It is your responsibility to prevent these bad habits. Start making small changes for them. Do you smoke? What is your alcohol consumption? What is your activity level? How is your mood? Do you find yourself complaining or nagging? Do you run your family members down if they fail at a task you set them to? Be honest here, you don’t have to admit it to anyone but yourself. Most of us have to keep a tight rein on our mouths, otherwise our emotions and stress come bubbling out and fill our homes. Your stress is no one else’s responsibility. Even if you feel your husband doesn’t give you enough help, keep your mouth shut. We’ll work on that later, and even that begins with you. 

How engaged are you with your children? Do you know what they’re learning in school? Who their friends are? What their favorite activities are? How are their grades? Do you hound them about doing better in school or sports? Stop. Keep your mouth shut in the improvement of your kids, too. I know, they are your responsibility, but reminding them of their shortcomings is not going to help anyone, and sticks them within a frame they have difficulty imagining themselves escaping. Stop using phrases like “you need to” or “you have to”. Your voice becomes their voice. Speak to them how you want them to speak to themselves. 

Go through every part of your life you can think of, and ask yourself, “if every white woman did this, would it help us or hurt us?” I’ll go through several of the most common issues in future posts. Our ancestors didn’t face the trials of history for us to be undisciplined and frazzled. Let’s be our own change. 

Freedom Has Become A Trap

Ladies, we’ve really screwed ourselves. We’ve let people who want us gone tell us how to live. We’ve been told that true freedom doesn’t lie in our homes with our children, but on the clock in some corporation. That empowerment doesn’t come from producing and raising the next generation, but from preventing its birth by pills or abortion. We’ve been taught that being woman isn’t enough, that we must also be men and play both roles ourselves. We were duped into trading respect and chivalry from men for cheap dates and one-night stands. We bought into the idea that objectification is evil, unless it is under the careful control of the woman, and that modesty is oppression, unless it’s in the form of a Middle-Eastern head-covering that must be worn to avoid punishment. We’ve been brain-washed into believing that a husband is an idiot who can’t be trusted to make decisions for a family, and that allowing him to try makes you a victim of abuse.

 As women we were freer before we had to try to run the world. The feminist movement led to the sexual revolution, which led to promoting psychological deficiencies such as gay pride, transgenderism, non-binary pretend genders, and now incest and pedophilia are on the table. Freedom for everyone meant other people raising and indoctrinating our children, other people and cultures are protected and welcome without restraint. Freedom meant diversity, a code word for fewer white people. Freedom meant not thinking for yourself and not listening when your gut told you this was wrong. We were told our self-preservation instincts are “internalized misogyny” or “systemic racism”. 

The result of all this freedom: white families are excluding fathers, having too few children, or no children at all; young mothers no longer have a neighborhood network of housewives to help them transition to motherhood; white people are less involved in their communities; we have laws and social pressure to favor any one who doesn’t contribute to white culture; we’ve been told we have no culture and that we should hold every culture and religion above that of our ancestors; that our ancestors were misogynistic racists who should be erased from our proud history. And an unrestrained import of cultures with higher birthrates and stronger tribal mentality. Our freedom is causing our own extinction.

We need change. It is in our best interest and the best interest of our children and grandchildren to put the white family, traditions, and culture back on top of our priority list. We, as women, need to return to our rightful place as protected queens of our households, and go back to turning our men into the great, capable, confident men their forefathers were. Throughout history, men created change in the public eye, while women worked on the details behind the scenes in everyday life. This is our place to shine, and this is where our change begins. 

Red-Pilled White Women Do Exist

​We exist, we just don’t have much of a specialized internet presence. There are several alpha male blogs, and YouTube channels dedicated to red-pilling the masses, but a red-pilled woman understands that her role is not the same as man’s. We aren’t interested in “game”, or bulking our muscles, and meme magic is fun, but we have a serious role to play. In a society filled with women majoring in women’s studies then demanding jobs in STEM, and blogs everywhere telling us to let the dishes wait, focus on climbing a corporate ladder, be fat, demanding, and entitled and then freak-out when we’re 40 and still haven’t found Mr. Right, then become single moms who read blogs on teaching your children empathy for everyone except the types of people who built the West, it can be quite frustrating trying to find a voice of reason or any form of trusted guidance. Ladies, we’ve become so insufferable that our men are either choosing to live without us, or seeking women from non-European stock! We’re taking everything our ancestors built and handing it over to people who not only don’t respect us, but don’t want us to even exist! This has to stop! You know this, and I know this, which is why we’re here. While our men are taking this on in a larger, big-picture scale, it’s up to us women to handle the details. Let’s get to work!

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